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Posted by Mayphrate, Sat Nov-28-09 11:53 AM

May, some how am more drawn to this section, but perhaps this should go in the 1st bit, ....well am looking to go into publishing, and I intend to publish an entertainment guide mag, with a little on gossips,and whats new.....also travel tips and airline timings, would like any tips on how best to go about this? also looking for an editor to partner with and graphics expert.
1514, RE: Publishing
Posted by NLE, Mon Dec-07-09 01:09 PM

It appears as if we have something in common. Your business idea falls directly in line with what we do here at NLE (Neutral Lives Entertainment) and in the spirit of all things good and potentially successful we're extending a professional 'Nice to meet you'.

Something we have learned the hard way is that there really is no substitute for getting the word out about your business or what it does.

Your concept is to publish a mag about the industry. Some will tell you to first hire your own publisists, others will pass ideas on about signing with a publisher. But we think you're wanting to do an independant work. PLEASE correct us if we're wrong!

Long before we began to swim, we couldn't even dog-paddle, but decided to jump into the entertainment business based on many years of working within the industry at different levels. Although what we do is entirely different from your efforts, the lines of getting things ready, done and working still apply. A simple suggestion would be to use a "Self Publishing Program" such as Desktop Publisher for your documentation. Another suggestion is to file out your registration forms, obtaining a business identification for your business name, location and tax purposes.

Many will tell you to write out a business plan. This is a good idea because sooner or later your dream will take off, and unless you have a resource of independant wealth, you'll need funding assistance! A plan will help get this done.

If you're going to just jump be realistic. Contact company's and businesses such as ours and ask to do interviews with either the ownership or someone authorized to speak on the businesses behalf. Be upfront and tell them what you are doing and why. (Be sure to send a copy of your artical to whomever you write about as it is a professional courtacy) Once you've created enough material for a small 'let's go for it' publication, place it under your own copyright to protect your work! If you don't have a copyright all ready, get one. Some States and even Country's have different legal rules, but in general, you can use a copyright from your self publishing program if you post your mag to a specific web site. Build a web site for your mag. (We're SURE anyone's web site beats owers, so PLEASE do not use our web site as a modeling tool. In fact, avoid our site all together because it is our thorn-in-the-side and in serious need of modification. One of many reasons why we're here among those in the cafe: Getting ideas and improving!)

In a nutshell, contact people and businesses within the industry and be honest. Small business developments are the back-bone of business today and everyone knows it. As for getting funding; Articals ABOUT someone or an event rarely pay you, but advertising is another subject all together. You mentioned travel and airlines. There are budgets all ready in place with existing businesses for advertising. As a smaller mag, your initial costs will be lower for space. USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! When the big-guys tell you, they've never heard of you and are not interested, be respectful, but play a one minute hardball game: "We all started out someplace and all we want is a real shot at this. Your business WILL be seen by our readers, even as small as we are; can ANY of us really afford not to take advantage of any reasonable opportunities in todays business world"?

The simple truth to that statement is No we can't. Sometimes it's a matter of economic that makes the difference in our choices. Most times it's a matter of a moments decision of what is and is not reasonable. Keep your costs effective, while allowing for a profit margin, but be realistic. A smaller mag can't get the same ad costs as the big mag's not because of a lack of talent, but because of it's circulation. As that imcreases, so do your costs.

Anyway, we hope you are on your way to bigger and brighter tomorrows! May your business flurish and your dreams come true.

NLE Owner's
Mark and Annettte