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Posted by Nancy, Mon Nov-27-06 07:34 PM
Just a few suggestions, Shawn...

Your Recent Projects page would be a great page to place some testimonials.

You might want to add a link back to your home page on each of your pages.

And this is a tiny thing, but details can make a difference. Capitalize the "us" in your About us link to be consistent.

Move up the description of your business so that it's "above the fold" on the screen. Put your contact info below that, maybe even all on one line.

For the description, break up the text into smaller sections. Think about it more in terms of advertising copy as opposed to a paragraph of text.

Your Helpful Links page is a good idea. I would build on that, and make it the kind of page that people want to link to, or save to their Favorites, even if they don't need your services - yet.

Good luck!

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