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150, Methods of cheap local advertising
Posted by homesweetheater, Mon Nov-27-06 11:16 AM
I am just starting off with my business, and trying to attract my first few clients. I am a freelance Home Theater installer, specializing on being the affordable "tv guy" for the average consumer. I have a nice sized market with lots of options, but little money to put towards advertising. I got my first client by them seeing the logos on my truck, so I really have no idea of what type of advertising is worth the money. I have heard about businesses sending "press kits" out to local press to let them know about the new business and possibly get write-ups or contacts about upcoming volunteer opportunities, etc. Has anyone used this method, and who do I send it to once I get it put together? Also has anyone had experience getting local exposure with ads/fliers/etc? Any other cheap ideas anyone have? I don't want to miss the holiday electronics buying spree, but can't spend all my shopping money. :) As always any help is gratefully appreciated!


BTW, here is my website. I built it myself so it's nothing special but if anyone wants to take a look and tell me how it may help/hurt my business let me know! Thanks for all your help, without this place I never would have been able to do this.