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1498, Stuck in a rut. .
Posted by ridepowpow, Mon Nov-02-09 08:25 PM
I own a small window washing company and seeking more clients like the one that I landed from craigs list. She owns a cleaning company and contracts me to do the windows on new construction. Tried going into Builders' offices and no one wants to deal with you, tried going on site, they tell you to go to the corp. office. . everyone always gives me the corp. line well then how do I get in touch with corp?? can't figure out where to start or how to land some more work, just too new to this business owner thing and need some kind of game plan. Is there someone that I could hire that would market for me? I provide my service at a fraction of the cost that some of the other companies charge but just can't get in front of the right people to land more steady work. I'm growing slowly through word of mouth and surviving when others aren't but I need to take it to the next level.

Thanks for your help and God Bless!
1499, RE: Stuck in a rut. .
Posted by salfordeye, Mon Nov-02-09 11:36 PM
Hello There

I may be able to promote your work and get you in the door so to speak. Can I ask where you are based? This is the very first time I have used this forum and dont know my way around it as yet. If there is a way we can privately instant chat, let me know.
1500, RE: Stuck in a rut. .
Posted by ridepowpow, Wed Nov-04-09 03:03 PM
My first time using it too lol. . I live in Everett, WA. .
God Bless!
1501, RE: Stuck in a rut. .
Posted by annalaurabrown, Thu Nov-05-09 01:34 PM
What about going to business networking groups such as chamber events and referral groups and presenting your services? I would imagine that you would be much more successful that way.
1505, RE: Stuck in a rut. .
Posted by toneloc007, Mon Nov-23-09 04:33 AM
Have you ever thought about networking on the social networks? Alot of businesses are now going to that to find vendors. I use MerchantCircle. Check it out. You build your own profile and connect with local businesses. Its just like word of mouth but online.

Also I use a service that actually provides you with local leads for customers that are looking for your service. Its reasonable and a great way to get yourself established without having to spend too much time advertising.

I have a home improvement business and know how hard it is to connect with clients. I hope this works out for you.

Good luck
1552, Practical ideas to build your window cleaning business
Posted by jct226, Mon Mar-22-10 03:23 AM
Take a minute and pinpoint who you want to be your clients. Do you want to work with builders? Homeowners? Businesses? High rises?

I've started 12 home service businesses and I'd recommend you focusing on home owners. Contractors are fickle and commercial work is very price competitive.

Drive around until you find some neighborhoods that need your service and can afford your service. Go door to door and offer a free window cleaning to one of the home owners.

Here is the reason why. You want to demonstrate the quality of your service and use them as a reference for the rest of the neighborhood.

Then go to the neighbors and tell them, "I just finished cleaning the windows at Mrs. Smiths and was wondering if you'd like a free estimate on getting your windows cleaned. There is no obligation and it will only take me about 5 minute to give you an estimate. I just walk around the outside of the house."

You can also buy mailing lists by postal routes. Buy a list of the neighborhood you want to target and send out postcards introducing your service. Mail a post card every 10 to 14 days for 3 to 4 months.

After finishing a job ask..."Do you have any friends that might be interested in having their windows cleaned?"

Be persistent. It will start slow but begin to mushroom after awhile. Don't give up.