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Posted by vbn411, Mon Aug-24-09 01:49 PM
Great site! I actually really dig the clothes!

I've been on quite a few biz forums lately, and the topic of free online marketing comes up a lot. I wanted to give my $.02 and see if anyone had any feedback on this. I also found a few nifty resources in my research: To promote your business, utilize Facebook business pages and all of the other free business pages:,, and Signing up for all of these sites only takes a few minutes and can only increase your online presence. Ask customers to give positive testimonials to help market your business. Right now, if you sign up for Visa's new site, Visa will give you $100 of free facebook ad credit. Online marketing is smart, free, and relatively easy. We're already starting on Facebook, why not take it a little further?

Love to hear your thoughts and experiences with free online marketing. I believe these are great starters, and want to take advantage of other free resources before I resort to paid advertising.