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1427, Buy domains and earn
Posted by joseph_675, Mon May-25-09 08:44 PM
I have been hard hit by the recent meltdown. I really do not know how to make ends meet. I have bills and insurance premiums to pay every month. I am desperately looking for some additional income. Any suggestions?
1428, RE: Buy domains and earn
Posted by Cannedy, Mon May-25-09 11:22 PM
Why donā??t you opt for domain flipping. It is a very lucrative option. You can buy domains for as low as a dollar and then make some changes in it and then resell it for a higher price. You earn profits in between. You will find an extremely helpful e-book at which will help you out in domain flipping.

1432, RE: Buy domains and earn
Posted by ikedunne, Wed May-27-09 05:02 AM
It really depends on what you can do. The knee jerk reaction is to jump into some MLM. The problem with MLM (not all are bad) is when they focus more on recruiting than selling.

That's why I don't post recruiting links. I'm into selling.

Not sure where you're located but look at "gigs" on You should be able to find some things you can do.

If you can're all set.