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Topic subjectNeed "Promotional" Guest For Internet Radio Talk Show - "Small Business Matters"
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1413, Need "Promotional" Guest For Internet Radio Talk Show - "Small Business Matters"
Posted by bizconsultant, Thu May-07-09 08:13 AM

We are looking for guest that want to sponsor our 30 minute internet radio show in exchange for a promotional interview. Our show will deliver important content that helps current or prospective business owners with a wide range of issues such as finance,credit,marketing,management,planning,employee benefits,legal,internet,technology and partnering opportunities. And the best thing about the format is that we assist you in promoting anything that can help the start up and small business audience (services,products or opportunities)

The cost is only $1,500.00 for a one show run and this takes care of the promotional cost (other then marketing , we dont have any expenses related to the show so we pass the savings on the you). We do a 30 day promotional campaign which includes:

a) Driving 500,000 or more targetted visitors to the show link
b) Promotional listings (repeated throughout the day on Craigslist,Myspace,Facebook and Twitter)
c) Developing a unique selling proposition and interview topic that ties into it for you to get better results
d) Promotional video clip for YouTube that you can utilize for your current online marketing efforts.

How much would 30 minutes of radio or TV time run you? How about video production? How about mass marketing to 500K up to 1 million potential prospects? Listeners get to call in and talk to you live or message questions for you to answer.

Contact me today to be booked on the next show. We are going to be pre-selecting specific topic matters (this is an actual show) soon so that we can preplan guest for at least 3 mths at a time.

877-849-1412 or email your information to