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1410, Help with advertising
Posted by griersl, Fri May-01-09 06:10 PM

I am setting up a Trip advice website but i am struggling what else to put on it, I wanted a list of uk camp sites but can not seem to find a database with all the campsite names on does anyone know where i could find one, also could anyone please advise me as to what else i can put on my website, unfortunatley i can not put html code on my site which limits my sources. does anyone have any ideas as to how i can advertise my website also within the travel industry, i was thinking of visiting travel agents but don't know how to approach them what do i say and what do i hand over, (Questionaire for holiday goers) :-)

Advice would be much appreciated.

1411, RE: Help with advertising
Posted by ikedunne, Mon May-04-09 04:34 AM
I would avoid the travel agents unless you plan to offer them commission for using your service.

Phone this can be added.

As far as the directory, are you looking just for names? Or are you going to offer links? You can develop the database yourself by searching on line, but then you'd want to also get paid when people book, right?

1435, RE: Help with advertising
Posted by oviedostyle, Thu May-28-09 03:05 PM

You could actually find some travel agents interested in swapping reciprocal links or banner ads. I have had a lot of success with reciprocal advertising.

Also if you go to this page, you can learn some tips for advertising online. It's part of a free business resource site.

Best of Luck
Leah Oviedo
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