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Posted by Steve Patrick, Mon Apr-13-09 03:55 AM
Hi DJ Tom,

My son-in-law was a part-time DJ for a successful company in our area. They focused on weddings. This involved the company contacting wedding planners and participating in bridal "expos".

Most of these shows take place on weekends - for that matter so do most weddings, so it should fit right into your part-time schedule. I'd start out by attending a couple of the expos just to check out your competition and what their costs are (don't worry, many of the brides-to-be bring along their prospective husbands. Take along a female friend and you won't look out of place) This will give you an idea of what you can charge. I know the company my son-in-law worked for charged several hundred dollars - heck..they paid him $250 per gig plus he got tips.

See if you can work with wedding planners as well. You can Google "Wedding Planners in (your city) and get a list. Start with a phone call and sell yourself. Ask if they also do events other than weddings that could use a DJ. Offer a booking fee as a commission to them.

If sales isn't your strong point, contact other DJ outfits to see if they can refer jobs that they either don't want or can't handle - offer a referral fee as a bonus to them.

Good Luck,

Steve Patrick