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1373, RE: Having trouble getting clients for my interior design biz
Posted by Steve Patrick, Tue Mar-17-09 09:26 AM
Hi Again,

I'm not any kind of an expert in that field but I feel the difference is largely a matter of degree. To me, when someone says interior design I think of colors on walls, window treatments, hanging a mirror here...a portrait there, maybe an odd piece of furniture to set off a room arrangement.

Home staging (again, in my mind) involves major work. Take all the old furniture out and put it in storage. Fresh paint. Perhaps new carpet or floor refinishing. New bedding. Get as much as possible out of the closets, garage and other storage areas. Bring in new (rented) furniture, maybe even new appliances. In other words make this occupied home look as much as possible like the new model home that is also competing for buyers. Most likely you'll find that the best market for this is in upper price bracket houses. I'm sure you can Google "home staging" and get lots more info.

Good Luck,

Steve Patrick

P.S. Real estate agents who specialize in higher priced homes can be a wealth of information. Take them to lunch or better yet see if you can go on one of the "brokers tours" of new listings - do lunch after.