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Topic subjectRE: Having trouble getting clients for my interior design biz
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1354, RE: Having trouble getting clients for my interior design biz
Posted by Steve Patrick, Mon Mar-09-09 05:16 AM

Frankly, as you're finding out, in today's economy most people are unwilling to spend money on anything except necessities. Unfortunately for you, that usually doesn't include interior design consulting.

That said, there are a couple of thing you can try.

1. Contact homeowners who are trying to sell. In a difficult market anything an owner can do to make his house stand out will likely lead to a quicker sale and for more money. If you can provide some lower cost ideas (no one want to put a slug of money into a home they won't be living in) you could generate some work. Along these lines, attend some open-houses of homes for sale. Take a look at how they could be improved. Offer a couple of suggestions (don't give it all away). Explain that a nicer-looking home sells faster and for more money.

2. Get to know the local real estate agents. These people are in a great position to refer business to you. They don't want to be stuck with unsold listings either. When they do a market analysis for a prospective seller, they can explain why the home needs updating or whatever else makes it more desirable and easier to sell.

2A. Along with #2, seek out relocation companies in your area. They are trying to sell homes also.

2B Ditto local builders with unsold inventory.

3. If possible, accept credit cards for payment. That way the seller can defer the biggest part of your charges until the home is sold.

4. Look into the home staging business. It combines your skills with what the market needs now.

Good Luck,

Steve Patrick