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1353, RE: Having trouble getting clients for my interior design biz
Posted by Boomer57, Mon Mar-09-09 04:14 AM

Your web site looks very professional, but my question is: "Are your prospective clients finding you on the Web?" My guess is "no" because your web site doesn't appear to be optimized for the keyword phrases that people are actually typing into Google and the other search engines.

If I was searching the Web for a home decorating service, I'd probably type in the words "interior designer, Short Hills, NJ" or "home decorator, Scarsdale, NY".

One of the reasons your site doesn't show up in those searches is that it looks like your website is optimized for the phrase: "Laura Michelle, Beautiful Interiors". While those words present a nice impression, people aren't going to be searching on Google for those specific words, so you might be missing some free opportunities for clients to find you on the Web.

(SEO tip) You might want to consider adding the words "interior designer" and/or "home decorators" to the text on your website. Also, keeping in mind that most, if not all of your prospective clients are searching for a local interior designer/decorator, it would be helpful to include your service area in your text and your title tag -- which is the information that's displayed in the title bar, right above the search field. In your case (as I mentioned) the page title says "Lara Michelle, beautiful interiors". That message is good for branding yourself and your service, but it doesn't help you get found on the search engines.

One paid directory site which seems to show up on the first page of search results when people Google for decorating professionals is: . That might be a worthwhile site to advertise on. It appears to be only $30 a month, so if it produces clients, than it's worth it. Of course with advertising, nothing's guaranteed, but sometimes you need to take a calculated risk in business.

Those are a couple marketing ideas off the top of my head.

Hope that helps!

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