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Topic subjectHaving trouble getting clients for my interior design biz
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1351, Having trouble getting clients for my interior design biz
Posted by Lmichelle, Fri Mar-06-09 03:36 PM
I've had my home-based interior design business for 10 years now, on and off (took 3 years off when I had my baby). I've never been great at marketing my business, but was always able to somehow get clients. In this economic climate, however, my business has gone from slow to completely dead. My current clients have all stopped spending money on their homes for now and I am not getting any new ones. I'm desperate for some great marketing ideas that could get my biz going again. I'd love to get my work into some local magazines, which is the best nod a designer can get, but I don't know how. Please help, I love what I do and am very good at it!!
Lara Michelle
p.s. Feedback on my website is also appreciated!