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1327, Second business
Posted by Inkspott, Mon Feb-02-09 04:32 PM
Aside from owning a modeling agency (previous post) I also run a business which supplies promotional products (pens, stress balls, t-shirts, etc,.)

My question is basically the same as far as how to market my business creatively in order to attract new customers and most importantly what to do for my current customers.

Late December I tried a mass flier mail out to businesses which was a BIG flop.

All ideas will be greatly appreciated.

1328, RE: Second business
Posted by annalaurabrown, Tue Feb-03-09 06:53 AM
as far as current customers go start a referral program and then send them postcards or meet with them one on one to launch it.

for new customers: how about going to some chamber or business networking meetings? you can find many people there who will be looking for or need what you have to offer.

Also what about some marketing of your website.

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1334, RE: Second business
Posted by LisaPR, Tue Feb-03-09 02:55 PM

How global is this business? Could you expand your customer base to outside of AU? The referralprogram is great idea. word of mouth advertising is the best kind. If you can get your customers talking about you and your business that will definitely increase sales.

Also for both businesses try to think of some angles for newsworthy stories for the media. Pubic relations is very affordable and can be very creative. Try to position yourself as an expert on job interview etiquette. Write a "Top 10 Things You Should Do Before Going on the Interview" or a Top 10 of things not to do.

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1335, RE: Second business
Posted by LisaPR, Tue Feb-03-09 02:58 PM
I forgot another idea I had. Look into providing items for non-profit
charities that they could resell as a fundraiser. Also provide items for goody bags for various events around town. This is usually for galas, or award dinners and shows.

Lisa Douglas, Inklusion PR
New discounted PR packages priced from $500-$2,000
1339, RE: Second business
Posted by potpourri, Wed Feb-11-09 02:15 PM
Do you service a local area or is it all web based? There are a couple of promo companies in my home town and they have outside sales who visit customers and potential clients. They do quite well and are well known in the local area.

The most successful of these business in my town also do lots of the art work themselves and they do some of the sewing on wearables.


This is a tough market to be in if it is all online where there is lots of competition.




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1367, RE: Second business
Posted by QileLakey, Wed Mar-11-09 03:44 PM
Hey, I believe I commented on your other post! I would love to show you a few things and a tool that I think you will love! I am in the business of Relationship Marketing and if you dont know what I mean I will show you! I love what I do and it helps sooo many businesses out there improve their referrals and customers! Skype me username: qile.lakey or email me Hope to talk to you soon!

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1369, RE: Second business
Posted by jynellb, Fri Mar-13-09 09:26 AM
There are so many ways to market your company online with LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other social marketing engines. Definitely the forums are always helpful for ideas as well. I have found a great free business entrepreneur guide at which is 60 pages. This site also has a marketing product as well at: that may be helpful as well.

Do you have a catchy logo and slogan that may attract customers as well? in the promotional product business I am sure that this may be key as well for people to remember you.
1391, RE: Second business
Posted by bizconsultant, Sun Apr-05-09 09:35 AM
I do performance based business development services and I have a 90 day program that can actually help you obtain that objective....if we cant...YOU DONT PAY FOR OUR SERVICE*. All thats needed to get started would be having a comprehensive business evaluation performed ($350.00) and submitting some marketing information for us to develop the strategy and resources to get it done.

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