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1326, Creative ideas needed
Posted by VicInk, Mon Feb-02-09 03:52 PM
Our modeling agency has been established for 13 years now which is located in a small city with no more than 400,000in population. With the market being in the condition that it is worldwide (Australia has certainly been hit hard as well), things have come to an almost complete halt.

We have exhausted our brains trying to find ways to cost effectively and most importantly creatively advertise and promote our modeling business. We are all left brain thinkers in the office and need help from the right brainers and experienced individuals.

I know the modeling industry is not your every day poster and hope you guys can shed some light.

We specialize in TV commercials, photographic, fashion parades and promotional modeling (no beer or nightclubs).

We also run finishing and modeling courses for aspiring models and schools interested in hiring us to teach a few workshops.

Any ideas/help will be greatly appreciated!