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Posted by phardytech, Thu Mar-26-09 01:25 AM
Hi Patty,

IFP3 may be easy for you to navigate when putting new products on your line or when you have to change anything but the questions you need to ask yourself are:

Why am I doing this?

Am I doing this simply to entertain myself or do I want to make a profit?

You cannot run a profitable online business without doing business under your own domain name. Unless IFP3 allows you to run your business under your own domain name, you will find it extremely difficult to sustain your business. Consumers shop online with businesses they trust. By not running operations under your own domain name, you are detracting shoppers from doing business with you.

If I were you and ready to move towards profitability, I would either work with IFP3 to move the site to my own domain name (ie - or concentrate 100% of my time working on a new site that operates under my own domain name.


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