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Posted by hostingdiva, Sat Jan-31-09 06:06 AM
Hi Patty:

Maybe its just my browser but your website wasn't working for me. I had to switch browsers to see your website-- this is bad..... How many people do you think are going to do that?

Also, why do you have a welcome page and them people have to enter your website? Personally, I think that is utterly useless because you're already forcing your customers to do more work. They should get to your website and right away have some ideas of what you're selling not have to click on additional links to find items to buy. Also, you have this box within your website that has text -- why isn't it just in a regular html page? Do you really think people are going to scroll down to read what you have? Probably not... I also see that you're offering a free glass charm - that should be highlighted or bolded or a different color so that it stands out.

Why is your domain name and not just Having a sub-domain, rather than a regular domain, is going to hurt you with search engines.

Finally, where is your content? Pictures are not enough.. you need text....

Hope this feedback helps :)

Best of luck!