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1315, What is the best way?
Posted by eshields1014, Thu Jan-29-09 05:50 AM
Hello, I own a all natural dog treat company. Right now it doesn't seem as if a lot of people are looking to carry my product even if they are given a cut of the money. I have contact people on the internet with pets who don't mind out pass out my business card in there state, as well as people who own some time of pet business weather it is pet sitting or dog walking they have also offered to hand out my business cards to there clients along with some free samples.

Does anyone have other good suggestions or ideas? I am still working on putting flyers up in stores, I put business cards on peoples cars with dogs, I am working on putting up cards in dog parks. Please help with other ideas to get a great customer base going. Thank you.
1316, RE: What is the best way?
Posted by ndulj, Fri Jan-30-09 06:15 AM
Have you sent out a press release?
With the current scare about peanut butter in dog treas coming on the heels of last summers all out debacle of dog treats imported from China killing so many pets you are at a great time to market your "all natural" product.

Check out a website called It is run by marketing and online guru B. L. Ochman.I know she has been in a tizzy over the whole unsafe pet food deal.
1317, RE: What is the best way?
Posted by eshields1014, Fri Jan-30-09 06:20 AM
Hello, No I have not sent one out. It is just peanut paste not the items in jars. They are talking about peanutbutter crackers etc. I don't have anyone to send out a press realese to anyways, Thanks!!!