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1312, Marketing ideas for an ISP
Posted by plenemiria, Tue Jan-13-09 09:49 PM
I work for an Internet Service Provider who a decade ago used to be one of the leading ISPs in the market. We recently introduced a new mobile broadband service, and just then there was massive competition from phone companies who introduced the same with lower prices than ours. We are a bit challenged when it comes to a budget for advertising and promotion. I would like to know how best to market such a product to attain highest sales. Any ideas????
1313, RE: Marketing ideas for an ISP
Posted by SmarterToBarter, Thu Jan-15-09 06:34 PM
Can you barter service for the advertising? If the numbers work and you can trade the services for advertising that is the way to go. If you want more info on how to do it send me an email.