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1273, Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by MidAtlantic, Thu Nov-20-08 06:52 AM
I am hoping you all can assist me.

I am in the healthcare industry and a service provider.

Consistently on a monthly basis my website is attracting more and more visitors with all the marketing/advertising I am doing. Good news is I know that the outlets of advertising I am using are effective and definately working. Problem is, the amount of visitors that I receive to my site on a monthly basis outway the number of calls or emails I am currently getting.

In today's age, I think I may be lacking in the "enticement" area. Everyone likes to get something for FREE right?

How do I covert more visitors to active customers?

If you have read any good books on traffic conversion that have worked well for you or can help me with my challenge, please let me know.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!