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1273, Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by MidAtlantic, Thu Nov-20-08 06:52 AM
I am hoping you all can assist me.

I am in the healthcare industry and a service provider.

Consistently on a monthly basis my website is attracting more and more visitors with all the marketing/advertising I am doing. Good news is I know that the outlets of advertising I am using are effective and definately working. Problem is, the amount of visitors that I receive to my site on a monthly basis outway the number of calls or emails I am currently getting.

In today's age, I think I may be lacking in the "enticement" area. Everyone likes to get something for FREE right?

How do I covert more visitors to active customers?

If you have read any good books on traffic conversion that have worked well for you or can help me with my challenge, please let me know.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
1274, RE: Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by salted, Fri Nov-21-08 07:52 AM
I looked at your site and something that might help it is an updated design. Alot of people base their first impression off the design of a site. I can also recommend to you a book: Internet Marketing for Dummies . I started reading it a while back. It's full of ideas.

As a side note, you have the letter "H" capitalized in your link signature ("Http;//"), which makes it inacessible as a link. If you change it to lower case it will work :)
1276, RE: Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by MidAtlantic, Sun Nov-23-08 01:41 PM
Thank you so much for the great information. I had a chance to change the capital "H" in my link signature to a lower case. Great catch, thanks again.
1277, RE: Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by FinallyAWinner, Sat Nov-29-08 02:48 PM
It seems to me you just need a way to capture your readers contact information. Like you said, everyone wants something for free. There must be some kind of a free report that would be of value that you can send your readers as long as they leave you their name and email address. It's webmarketing 101. That way you are building a list of those that are really interested in what you have to offer and you can continue to target them with email newsletters and offers of your service.
1292, RE: Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by metrofax, Wed Dec-24-08 07:47 AM
Obviously you need to not be under construction. :)

My first advice would be to get a great stats program. Knowing how many visitors you have an where they're coming from is fine but you'll want to get a stats package that can tell you what the visitors are doing.

Personally I prefer ClickTracks but Google Analytics is an excellent free option (if you don't mind Google knowing what your site visitors are up to. ;)

1300, RE: Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by Pepperfire, Tue Dec-30-08 10:50 AM
Chris, if you're following this... can you post a link to ClickTracks?

I have been using Google Analytics, it's pretty good.

But I'd love to increase my conversion rates going into the new year, any advice on converting sales with actual products would be appreciated by anyone following this thread!


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1407, RE: Website Visitor Conversion
Posted by Antherry, Fri Apr-24-09 08:13 PM
Put your monthly special "above the fold."
Instead of asking for last name ask for place of employment... that will help you generate more leads.
DO NOT depend on your website as your only sales tool-- yours is a trust business and you can't build enough of that through a website.

"We offer a platform for graphic designers, photographers, and marketers to build their websites on. If you get offers to do websites but don't know how or can't do it all- we are who to turn to."