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1245, Marketing to biz owners
Posted by sirweb, Mon Oct-20-08 08:54 AM
I have owned a company since 1971, and specialize in unemployment claims for employers. This is a very difficult service to sell. However I do have a couple of very large corporations I work for like harman's kfc, since 1971. Does anyone have any good Ideas to market to large corps. or small businesses? my services benefits all companies with employees very much. Thank You in advance.

Greg Shaw
1246, RE: Marketing to biz owners
Posted by Pepperfire, Tue Oct-21-08 05:09 AM
I'm not quite sure what it is that you do, but the best thing would be to show me, the very busy, overworked personnel clerk at my company exactly how you are going to save me time and or money.

State that fact and you're in the door to show them how to do it.

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