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124, Grand Opening Ideas
Posted by AppleDog, Thu Nov-16-06 11:48 AM
I'm opening a Taco Del Mar franchise restaurant and need a brain-storming session to fill my head with grand opening ideas. The restaurant is located smack in the middle of a large residential area covering a 4 mile radius. We're located within a small grocery strip mall. I'd like to center around the local community. Please post ideas that you have seen before and maybe your own.

125, RE: Grand Opening Ideas
Posted by wwcap1, Fri Nov-17-06 07:15 AM
Frank: I would strongly recommend a series of no less than three mailings to every postal address in your four mile trading area. Any direct mail house can help you with this. What you want to do is send to every address with postal route sorting(this makes your postage as cheap as it can be).

The piece doesn't need to be real fancy, but very informational and you most definitely should make a discount offer. I would recommend something other than buy one get one free, as that is way over used.

Hope this helps.

Kent Capener
Capener Consulting, LLC
126, RE: Grand Opening Ideas
Posted by AppleDog, Fri Nov-17-06 07:35 AM
Thanks Kent. I do have newspaper flyers planned, but of course that will only go towards households subscribing. I have good handouts that I want to mix with pavement and mail to distribute. I haven't thought of mail houses until now.

My other idea is to colaborate with a radio station. I wonder if anybody on CyberSchmooz has had experience with coordinating grand openings with radio stations...