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1402, RE: Contract Sales -- no one wants to do this!
Posted by NightLifeReview, Sun Apr-19-09 11:57 PM
I've worked alot of sales and business developement positions in the past. If i was looking for work and I ran across your ad, I would give it no consideration after briefly reading it. The reasons why:

1. Your company is brand new, which means no established territory, no clients, and no brand recognition.

2. Your company has no support system and not even a plan as to how these sales people are going to get the business. You need someone to help design a marketing plan and then document in detail how your going to carry it out. That also means you need to do alot of work, such as scripting the sales, lead generation, referal system, marketing brocuhers, powerpoint for presentation, training on a crm system, etc.

3. Unless your product has a huge monetary value like a house, car, or corparate big ticket items such as equipements. Nobody will do it on commision. The reason is why even for a good salesman, they would have to work to the bone and still only make chump change.

4. Selling is alot harder then most people realize and that means that most sales person you will run into will be just average, which isnt saying much. For them to try to move your product is going to be hard and even more so when under your leadership.

The only way you can do is is either by doing it yourself or hiring a firm to take care of it. The firm will have the means to design, support, and train thier sales force to help move the products. However it is not cheap to hire such a firm and in general not as effective as you might think.