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1234, RE: Attracting calls to a small biz owner
Posted by Steve Patrick, Sat Oct-04-08 06:29 AM
First things first - you need to give them a compelling reason to call. If you're getting a decent number of qualified clicks but few calls then your message needs to be stronger.

It's basic sales - don't sell the steak sell the sizzle. Ignite their curiosity by promoting the result of what your product/service delivers.

Think about the title of a book that's been on the best-seller list for close to a year - "The 4 Hour Work Week" - you are almost driven to find out more.

Some examples from everyday advertising include:

Do you want to -

Look younger?
Lose weight?
Earn $ from home?
Get better gas mileage?
Retire early and not have to worry about money?
Meet your soul mate?
Have better sex?
Get a good night's sleep?

Etc. etc.

Then, yes - you need to give multiple contact options (phone, email, click through etc). Make it easy for them to find you. Highlight your telephone number (better be a toll-free one). Try to incorporate your company or product name into the phone number (1-800-PICKUPS or 1-800 GOFEDEX for example). That makes it easy for insertion into a text ad.

I'm not sold on the city-search type of directories unless your business is geographically confined to a metropolitan location.

Good Luck,

Steve Patrick