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Posted by ginasperception, Tue Oct-14-08 04:41 PM
I think you should look on the bright side, you are in a great position. You have a relationship with the smaller guys (not big box) that are HUNGRY to be big. I am sure their business is slow and they feel the crunch much harder that the guys in the stores. Make a deal with them for a better price thru these hard times with the promise that you are going to grow with hard work and quality service. Plus, they could direct business your way, and when they send you a job you pay more for the appliances than if it's your job. If that is not an option set up SPIFS with the sales reps and reward them with what motivates them.

Your marketing is a good move, but I would also go to the developers who are sitting on a huge inventory of houses that they are in dire need to turn, cut them a deal on an package that they can turn into a free upgrade. An awesome upgrade. It is a must to get people to be VERY flexible now, with the understanding that you will re-evaluate your business relationship (or pricing) when business is more strong and NORMAL.

Things are far from normal right now, and everyone you are doing business with is looking for someone out of the norm for that possibility. With your relationship with the non big box businesses you can probably put a great deal together by being honest in what you are doing. Trust is everything right now, and creativity contributes to that trust.

Look around the expensive neighborhoods, call the realtors and look at the houses. Start with a neighborhood that would fit your target market. When you walk a few of them that are in the same price range - do what you do best. Figure out what you think would make one of them turn. Communicate this to the realtor, and cut a deal. Tell them you will do 'this' and if it does not sell in 60 days, you will kick back 'that'. Or whatever, you know your business.

Negotiate EVERYTHING and be more flexible than you have ever been but still deliver quality. Nowadays, it is hard to convince people they are getting more quality for less - that is very hard to do. but, if you tell them HOW you can do it, you will get their business.