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Topic subjectLooking for your tips on marketing to Luxury and High End markets!
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1226, Looking for your tips on marketing to Luxury and High End markets!
Posted by AuntDeeDee, Sun Sep-28-08 04:04 AM
Hi y'all...

This is my very first post here! :+

I am in the market for some fresh ideas on this topic and what has worked (or not) for you.

I am an Outdoor Living Consultant and design/decorate outdoor living spaces... kitchens, showers/baths, relaxation/meditation/yoga rooms, gaming areas, etc. (See my web site for inspirations and ideas at I also am an authorized dealer for oudoor appliances, cabinetry, grills of all types, fireplaces/pits and an abundance of other outdoor products... but not those found at "big box" stores.

I am currently marketing to landscapers, pool installers, remodelers, some builders and high end Realtors... and feel comfortable with what I'm doing with them... need some inspirations for reaching the homeowner in my $$$$$ market!

I can provide anything from a design through a turn-key project, complete with my personally cheffed party upon completion of their project in their new outdoor kitchen!

I'm very comfortable with marketing and pretty savvy and creative as I've had successful companies over the years and will use some resources implemented with my personal chef business in my new one... but looking for some new cutting edge thoughts!

Thanks in advance for your tips. :D