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Posted by metrofax, Wed Dec-24-08 07:52 AM
>$50 a month for a 5 page website... that you have to build
>with their templates. It's just my opinion, but that will look
>like a template built website that costs you way too much
>money per month.
>Again, it's just me... but I would suggest finding someone who
>is jsut starting out with websites (if you are trying to save
>a buck) and having them build you a site that they can upload
>to GoDaddy for you... for which you will pay GoDaddy about $8
>to $10 per month.
>Don't try to cut corners on the site. Have a very nice site
>done from scratch, with the look that you want... and you will
>be happier in the ling run.
>You can trade for the web design, you can negociate the
>price.. but whatever you do to have someone build it for
>you... it will be much better for the high-end look that you
>want, then if you were to go with the templates and high
>mointhly fee.

Agreed. You say you want a classy, upscale site - that can't be done with an out-of-the-box solution. You can find decent designers cheaply if you look around (perhaps on though you may hit some language barriers there).

Good luck !!!