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Posted by Trendymiss, Sat Dec-13-08 06:40 AM

I would advise you to look around a little more before you sign up with Go Daddy. I think that $49.00 a month for a 5 page site is a bit much. If you hire a web designer and spend more money upfront for a flexible web design, you will save money by just paying hosting every month in the long run. Also, with GoDaddy, if you are unhappy with your site, you will need to re-build it should you move to another web host.

A web site for your business is an investment. Look for a web designer who can design a site for you with a Content Management System. This will enable you to update the site yourself, and give you the flexibility of moving the site to another host if you need to. Hiring a good designer initially will save you time and money in the long run.