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Posted by ameeker, Sun Nov-09-08 03:14 PM
No way! Don't do that!

There are so many hosts out there for way less than that. I am a freelance website designer, and (I don't get anything for my recommendation), but I suggest

$107 for the year, and in laymen's terms, you get unlimited everything.

Once you have a host, you can install a Content Management System like Wordpress or Drupal, and choose a theme to have a MORE customizable, larger site than you would with a 5-page template. You might know wordpress as a blogging platform, but it's so much more than that. Check out,, or for examples of some wordpress sites. Then take a look at

Bluehost will install it automatically. If you are interested in this but need help, I can help set you up, but PLEASE don't spend $49!! a month for a measley 5 page template when you could have SOOO much more!

Angie Meeker