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Posted by Pepperfire, Fri Oct-03-08 04:04 AM
I have to agrew with Jeff; template websites look like templates.

They're an ok place to start. I use a template based-shopping cart. Now granted, it's fully customizeable, and over time, it will look less and less like a "template", but I do not believe that this deters my customers.

But then I sell hot sauce... What my customers want (and I think this translates well to all web-based business), is ease of use and security.

Some of the things that we've been focusing on improving are SEO and ease of use on our site... We've gotten better at the SEO, although, it's always a work in progress, but we've got a ton of work to do on our ease of use...

As Jeff suggested, I traded a long-term equity ownership deal in our company for technical support so that no matter what I wanted to do on our website, I would have technical backup and it wouldn't cost me a lot. I currently pay $80 a month, but that's for two websites and free any time support; code writing, whatever I need.

I think we got a great deal... others will think it's expensive... But what makes it a great deal, is that I believe it's a great deal. IOW, shop around. You're better off waiting 2 weeks to a month to launch your website and be happy with it, than launching too early and hating it until your contract ends.

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