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Posted by nightsky, Wed Oct-01-08 06:58 PM
$50 a month for a 5 page website... that you have to build with their templates. It's just my opinion, but that will look like a template built website that costs you way too much money per month.

Again, it's just me... but I would suggest finding someone who is jsut starting out with websites (if you are trying to save a buck) and having them build you a site that they can upload to GoDaddy for you... for which you will pay GoDaddy about $8 to $10 per month.

Don't try to cut corners on the site. Have a very nice site done from scratch, with the look that you want... and you will be happier in the ling run.

You can trade for the web design, you can negociate the price.. but whatever you do to have someone build it for you... it will be much better for the high-end look that you want, then if you were to go with the templates and high mointhly fee.

Good luck!

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