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Posted by oviedostyle, Wed Sep-24-08 06:35 PM
Yes, I would recommend a website, but you can use a cheap service like, where they supply the template and all you really do is add copy and images/content. You can spend just $20-$50 a year at one of those places compared to a monthly fee of $10- $100's.

As far as marketing to Dr.'s and Salon's, I find the best marketing is still face to face. You can visit a place of business and ask to talk to the buyer, or if it is busy, leave a brochure/ catalog/ or postcard with your information/ website.

Also I would join a local networking group, because you will learn about different Salon's and Dr.'s.
If you don't have time to start a blog, you can approach bloggers or websites and offer to write articles for them, with a link to your site OR your name and occupation at the end of the article.

I use Freewebs for one of my sites, a directory for eco-conscious products & stores,
good luck

Leah Oviedo
Mercado del Mundo