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1214, Marketing my products
Posted by wrapsbystacy, Wed Nov-05-08 04:53 AM
I am new to this company and I market Body wraps,fat fighter,all natural health products.I wonder, should I get a website? and how would I go about marketing this product to Dr's and Salons ect.. I am very new at this and I know if I could get in the door with these people, it would sell itself. Any ideas??? Also,does anyone know where I could get cheap yard signs made??? THANKS :+
1225, RE: Marketing my products
Posted by oviedostyle, Wed Sep-24-08 06:35 PM
Yes, I would recommend a website, but you can use a cheap service like, where they supply the template and all you really do is add copy and images/content. You can spend just $20-$50 a year at one of those places compared to a monthly fee of $10- $100's.

As far as marketing to Dr.'s and Salon's, I find the best marketing is still face to face. You can visit a place of business and ask to talk to the buyer, or if it is busy, leave a brochure/ catalog/ or postcard with your information/ website.

Also I would join a local networking group, because you will learn about different Salon's and Dr.'s.
If you don't have time to start a blog, you can approach bloggers or websites and offer to write articles for them, with a link to your site OR your name and occupation at the end of the article.

I use Freewebs for one of my sites, a directory for eco-conscious products & stores,
good luck

Leah Oviedo
Mercado del Mundo
1250, RE: Marketing my products
Posted by Raymond M, Wed Oct-22-08 09:34 PM

Can you please let me know whether you working for a company or its your own product? If you working for a company and you are looking for a importer or distributor to import your company product, then I can help you. I am from Malaysia. I am able to introduce your product to a right company that already import and distributing 200 over foreign brands in Malaysia. Email me>
1251, RE: Marketing my products
Posted by Mira Inc, Mon Oct-27-08 03:56 PM
The signs you are looking for are called "bandit" signs and are made from Coroplast, a corrugated plastic material. I don't think you are going to be able to find them for $1.00 each, though.

I can help you with this and I offer a web-based Fast Quote service. Once you are on the page listed below, use the drop down menu, and click on 4mm Coroplast. Fill in the size, quantity, etc and submit your information and I will respond quickly.

If you would like to discuss this with me, I can be contacted toll-free at 866-744-9895.

Thank you,

Ehren Koelsch
Mira, Inc.
1253, RE: Marketing my products
Posted by Pepperfire, Tue Oct-28-08 10:02 AM
Before you go posting a "yard sign", check with your town/city by-laws to see if you are allowed to post such things. Our town has limitations that could see us fined if we don't follow their inane rules.


Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
Makers of Peppermaster Hot Sauces

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Posted by phillrw, Sun Nov-02-08 01:51 PM
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