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1211, RE: Where and how to fill ad space in a magazine
Posted by hostingdiva, Sat Sep-06-08 09:58 AM
It is a always hard to find advertisers - that's a constant problem :)

One of the main issues is that people do not want to pay for advertising if it's not going to give them something in return (especially in this economy where all companies are cutting back on ads). As you said, people are not clicking on the ads. I think you would be hard pressed to find someone to pay you money for an ad when they're not going to get anything in return. Right? People are going to want to know the stats (e.g., what's the click through ration?) and you're not going to be able to give them a good answer.

Rather than looking to find people to pay you for ad space, maybe you should consider why people are not clicking on the ads you already have. What are you advertising? For example, if these people love music, are you putting in affiliate links to their CDs so that people can buy them (e.g., link to cd being sold on Amazon). Consider your target market and things that they may be interested in. You could go to places like Commission Junction and find affiliates that provide appropriate products.

Also, you must try to increase your readership. Long term, the number of people you reach is what's going to get you that advertising.

Good luck!