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Posted by Pepperfire, Mon Aug-25-08 06:56 AM
I also don't like the gray grid.

I don't like the scrolling advertisement across the page.

Your PDF menu should be a full webpage... two reasons. 1. PDFs suck for SEO and 2. PDFs are super slow loading.

The photos you put up should be redone by a professional photographer who specializes in food. The pics that are there, I am certain don't really do your platters justice. Also, being able to search your photos would add to your SEO.

I would have commented on your source code, but I couldn't right click on your pages.

I like the ability to order online and the map. Very useful. Your "delivery area" needs to be delineated though... You might find yourself getting orders from places where you wouldn't otherwise deliver.

I think the "daily updates" button should be called "Today's Specials" or something slightly more relevant.

And oddly enough, as a specialist in "pepper", I completely disagree with your comment about "pepper". If you are talking about peppercorns, then I don't necessarily have a problem with it but ground pepper, like coffee, starts losing its flavour the second you grind it. A bit pedantic, I know, but I personally think you should make the distinction. :)

Who is Chef Jason? Is he you, or your chef? If you're going to quote him, you should tell us who he is. In addition to that, I would talk about his specialties and what makes him such a great chef.

Finally... who are you? Who runs the shop, who works there... It's a local targeting website... Get personal. I want to know Mom and Pop, it makes it that much easier to order from you, when we're "friends".

I hope these thoughts help.

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
Makers of Peppermaster Hot Sauces

Eat more peppers!