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Posted by ree4264, Sun Aug-24-08 06:51 AM
For starters, I don't like the "gray grid" that surrounds the page. It is very unappealing especially since you are dealing with food items. In general, the homepage looks disorganized. The layout/design of the page has not been well thought out or constructed.

As a suggestion, I would replicate your store sign (Bagel Junction Deli) exactly like it is in the photo and use it at the top of your page instead of what you have now. I like the photo of your store at the bottom and maybe it could be moved more to the middle of the page.

Importantly, decide on a theme. If it is "Bringing the taste of Olde New York to Newtown" then reflect that more in your choices of type style, color, graphics and photos throughout the page to tie it together.

Also, decide what is most important in your mind to promote on the page and adjust those elements accordingly. Your menu has a lot to offer and right now the design of the page is a jumble and not reflecting that. You don't know where to look first.