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Topic subjectHow to get a product in front of Celebrities?
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1152, How to get a product in front of Celebrities?
Posted by Sjones, Tue Jul-22-08 10:34 AM
Hello everyone, do any of you know how to get a product in front of celebrities? Is there a certain way that products need to be "marketed" to get their attention?

Our product is specifically made for multiples (i.e. twins, triplets, etc.) Since there seems to be a lot of multiples being born to celebrities these days - we were wondering if anyone knew a way to approach that clientele.

On the flip side - do you feel that marketing to celebrities can sometimes cheapen the appeal of a product from the niche markets' perspective? Meaning, all my fellow multiple families, could our product lose its appeal from their perspectives, or would they truly just not care either way?

We want to share our product with as many families as possible and understand that celebrities can have a negitive effect on a product as well as a positive one.

Thank you for any guidance.