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115, Small Business failure question
Posted by Mysteria, Fri Nov-10-06 07:19 AM
I am in the midst of starting a small business and at the same time taking classes at University.

The professor posted a question in discussion and she does not want our personal opinion, she wants facts and places.

The question

If you get in trouble in your business where will you go for help? Suppose you need
assistance - you can't surmount this problem alone. You can take any problem you would
like to discusss. I'm mainly interested in gathering a series of resources for the students
in the class.

Other than going to family, friends or the bank I was wondering if those here would have any other suggestion.

136, RE: Small Business failure question
Posted by wjtopp, Wed Nov-22-06 10:36 AM
Many small businesses are turning to coaches who are usually business owners themselves and have been where those individuals find themselves.

Coaching is not for the feignt of heart. Their job is to tear you down and build you back up. If you are not willing or have the stomach for someone confronting your demons, I would not recommend a coach. However, people who have gone through coaching say its one of the most liberating experiences they've had from a business perspective.

Hope this helps.