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Topic subjectHow to: Ask for a Letter of Recommendation? Pt I and II
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1147, How to: Ask for a Letter of Recommendation? Pt I and II
Posted by MVS, Sun Jul-20-08 04:33 AM
Part I

I am about to make the transiton from my current position within the company to another department. I have a biz plan that is moving forward as I have planned. ( Marquis Vehicle Services ) and in order to place my ducks in a row, I would like to ask for a few letters of recommendation.

Thing is, in 37 years - I cannot remember a time that I have ever asked for one.

How would one do it? How would you ask? I know each of my clients well enough to ask for it, I just want to be professional in my approach.
I have searched online - but it all seems pretty generic - Do I want a personal or business recommendation?

What are your suggestions?

How do I approach each person?
Is e-mail, snail mail, phone call, or in person the " right " way ?
Do I offer a pre-written script for them to personalize?
What information do I need to offer them once they agree to write one?

Part II

I have had several letters come in already, using the direct, phone call approach. I sent 2 via e-mail with positive replies as well!

Next hurdle I have come to:

I work directly with a estate manager or head of security , and yes I am reaching a little, but I want to ask for a rec from the actual owner of the vehicle. The "well established" relationship is with the above person(s) - though the vehicle owners know me by name and I feel they are aware of what I have provided them as far as service goes... so:

Do I ask the estate manager to write the letter?
Do I ask the estate manager to ask the actual vehicle owner for a letter?
Do I attempt to ask directly, though going through the estate manager, to get the chance to do so?

The letters would hold alot of weight if I could get them, but maybe the letter from the estate manager would carry the same weight, as in their title , it would show who they were working for and in turn provide the same end result.

My S/O says I am thinking to much about this, just ask... I think I have one chance at it and I want it to be productive.

As always, Thank you for your time in reading and responding!