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Posted by Duct Tape Mark, Tue Jul-29-08 02:48 AM
You know, no successful entrepreneur ever started a new business because he or she was a marketer! So you are in good company. Here are a couple of starting thoughts.

Since you don?t know who is most likely to be a customer, you could start by blanketing your local area with flyers on peoples? windshields in the hope that if they have a car, they need your service (Check local ordinances ? you don?t want to get fined for littering)
Okay you know your customers have to have a car at the very least. Now, what else do they have: no time, right? Or, they need their car a lot and can?t leave it in the shop.
Make sure your prospects know that ?We come to you?
Create two offers: one for business people and store owners who can?t leave their premises, and one for people on the road who need their car all the time (like sales people). They can be the same offer with a different name, like ?Business Owner Special?, ?Desk Jockey Special?, ?Road Warrior Special?
10% off something people haven?t tried before may not work ? after all, I?m trusting you with my baby and and I might not do that for any price if I don?t know you. I wonder if a 100% satisfaction guarantee would work better ? ?satisfaction or you don?t pay, no hassle, no questions asked?. Become the Satisfaction Guaranteed guy ? there are such a lot of car repair horror stories out there you will get some business right away.
Now hand your flyers out wherever these people congregate ? not just at work, but at the local watering hole, lunch joint, park.
Offer to hand out other small business owners? flyers when you hand out your own, or leave them in your customers cars when you are done, in exchange for a similar service. Put them in an envelop and hand them out when you get paid, with a note that says ?Thanks for your trust in my company. Like you, I always look for people who will do good work, and I am happy to recommend these companies to you if you need the services they provide.?

Liz Walker