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Posted by shabaletta1, Tue Jul-22-08 11:19 AM
I beleive that All things are possible with the Law of
Attraction and Gid.
Christine, I'm not sure what type of auto service to use but,
here's a few good ideas. The key to marketing is not just
having a plan or money. The key is Creative Marketing. Place
your fliers all over the city. Blanket very car parked in
public places. Place the fliers on every door in your
neighborhood, community. And to even save more money make
small fliers, the size to put 4 cards per page. Put pertinent
information such as contact information and what services you
Buy some T-shirts at Wal-mart, buy some iron paper in the
stationary area at wal-mart and make t-shirts advertising your
When you have a Will there is always a way, no matter what
your budget is.
I have a e-report that I sell for $9.95 that tells you how to
market your business for low cost or no cost. e-mail if you
want to know where to go to order this book. Bless your