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Posted by bizconsultant, Thu Jul-17-08 05:46 AM
Its always best to at least get an adequte marketing budget together first before going into a new business venture to hedge against failure. That being said, if you are going to do it on a shoestring or no string at all...its best to co-venture with an established company that serves the customers you are trying to service. Offer them a profit share or something. Make it mutually beneficial.

Also, its best to carefully define your customer. what are, income range,age,etc.. are you trying to reach

>We are in the process of starting a mobile auto service. Its
>my job to do everything (including finding customers) except
>work on the vehicles. Well sometimes I even help in that
>manner too.
>I am so stumped, I can't even tell you how much confused I am,
>about finding customers. Marketing is not, by any means, my
>strong point. I can do almost anything office related, but
>selling my idea or service to people, is the most troubling
>task. But I did hand out 4 business cards randomly today.
>Which I was proud of my self. But thats not even a dent, I
>Please help, if you can. I don't even know what cliental to
>search for. There's also no money to advertise. I am doing all
>this on a zero budget. I did the business cards myself on the
>computer (they came out really good). I made flyers offering a
>10% discount for new customers (but haven't handed them out
>yet). Don't know who to hand them out to. We tryed this a
>couple of years ago too. We had the same problem then to. This
>time I really want/need it to work.