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Posted by dealwithitprods, Tue Jul-01-08 12:11 PM
Since you are currently located in Korea you may have to rely on only internet sources. However see if you can contact some retirement homes here in the states as well as homes for the disabled. It would make a good heart warming story about the nice lady in Korea who helps them buy things. Publicity like that is always good and it makes you feel good as well helping them out.
After you have helped them for a few months submit a story to a stateside paper or two and see if they will run it. Again good publicity done cheaply.

Then there are all the usual ways to attack the problem, blogging, video advertising on the internet, radio and magazines. These are more expensive(with the exception of blogging) but also more directable at the target audience you would be looking to go after. If you have any interest in the video portion send me a PM and I can point yoou in the right direction.