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Posted by DanLaBate, Fri Jun-27-08 08:52 AM

Blogs are great as long as you have the time to devote to using them. We have developed quite a few blogs for business owners and they can be an effective tool for marketing.

WordPress is the best platform in my opinion, they are easy to setup and to manage as well as offer many free add-ons that can make your blog more interesting.

It does not matter if you are local or national, if you put the time in to building content on your blog you can generate good traffic from search engines.

I do stress that you maintain a professional look to your blog and your website. There are tons of Blogs out there for people to choose from, the last thing that you want to do is scare them away (the free hosting on your website, with GoDaddy ads would be an instant killer).

Blogs can be added directly into your website, so that it creates a unified look with your website. The best way to proceed with getting a blog is to have a developer add one to your website, the other alternative is to go to WordPress, Blogger, etc. and sign-up for a free blog. This disadvantage to this is that your domain for your blog will be and not actually your domain, this is called a sub-domain. Search engine wise this is a poor choice. When a blog is installed in your own website you could have your blog be or /news etc.

If you want to learn more about Blogs, and Blogging visit our Blog page on our website.


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