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Posted by ree4264, Sun Jun-22-08 01:24 PM
I would go the News/Press Release route to your local newspaper(s), radio and TV stations. The key is to make sure your release is well written, directed to the proper authorities and then followed up. Many newspapers would very much like to get your kind of 'story' out to the community especially during these trying times. It makes them look like a good neighbor. The same goes for your local TV/News station(s)who love to do feature stories on this kind of thing with interviews, a tour of the facility, etc.

In addition, you should be able to get plenty of free publicity through your city or town administrators that such a clinic exists.
Inexpensive flyers dropped off or sent to your local AARP Chapter, pharmacies, resthomes, etc. would also be helpful.

Even though your clinic may now be open, it would be wise for you to hold an 'official Open House' at the appropriate time. Announcements for same could be made through inexpensive radio and TV spots, newspapers, local bulletin boards, etc.

Once you have built up some clientele, word of mouth will do the rest...

Best of Luck!