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Posted by 6thorder, Tue Nov-07-06 06:47 PM
I recently opened a tattoo studio. Part of our marketing plan is to ally ourselves with some local bars and clubs in the area and hold "tattoo parties," which will be more like "tattoo theme parties" as no tattoos will be done on premises. So far we have 3 events planned at bars with very different crowds and I am looking for some ideas to make the evening interesting for patrons.

So far for all events we are planning:
- tattoo contest w/ prizes (judging will be done by a local celeb)
- every patron will get a small coupon to our studio
- a table with our work on display
- sexy girls representing our studio passing out coupon/business cards

What I need help with is to figure out what types of activities, etc. that would be more specific to the venue we are at..for example a dance contest at the nightclub and things of that nature.

The first event is at one of the areas largest and most popular dance clubs. Any ideas?

The second event is at a sports bar...
The third is at a rock n roll bar...

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated...thank you for your time!