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Posted by Gwen, Wed Dec-30-09 10:18 AM
In order for your marketing to succeed your prospects must be exposed to it when they?re in a receptive frame of mind. You wouldn?t want your direct mail piece to be delivered Monday through Thursday because some prospects are busy thinking about work and time management issues. Friday and Saturday are the days which your direct mail piece will have a more likely chance of being read.

Your postcard should state the customer satisfaction guarantee, services you offer, insurances carried, your website address, and phone numbers. You can have an advertising firm create a postcard for you, or save money by using the pre-formatted cards from

Direct mail lists are available through a number of sources. The most economical lists we have found are the ?City Search? discs offered by Hill-Donnelly. Telephone assistance is provided by Hill-Donnelly to teach you how to extract information from the discs and save it as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Other lists are available through many sources which you can locate on the internet. Also, most companies offer the information pre-sorted onto mailing labels, ready to peel-and-stick.

Visit your local post office and purchase a First Class pre-paid mailing permit. The USPS representative will provide instructions on how to set up the permit block. When your postcards are printed you simply count out the number to be mailed, and then deliver them to the bulk-mail representative at your local post office. This saves time (no applying stamps by hand) and looks more professional.

If you don´t mind hand delivering a marketing piece, then the most economical advertising is hanging a door-knocker on the front door of homes you´re certain can afford your services. However, although they are inexpensive to produce, paying employees to deliver them can be costly. Also, there is the chance that they will toss the door-knockers out and add delivery hours to their timesheet.

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