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1095, RE: do you think mailing services works??
Posted by Steve Patrick, Tue Jun-17-08 03:23 AM
Don't minimize the value of even one new customer, here's an example:

You spend $400 to send out 1,000 mailers (an earlier post was correct, they don't all have to go at the same time).

Lets say that from these 1,000 you get 15 inquiries and sign up 4 new accounts.

Each account spends $50 per month (use your own numbers here).

In the first month you have recouped half of your cost...BUT
you can plan on each account to be with you for 18 months (again, use your own experience) generating $3600!

In this example, over the average length of time you held on to these accounts, they paid for themselves 9 times over! Even just one new account (over its lifetime) would generate double the cost of the mailing.

Throw in the potential for referrals to family, friends and neighbors from these accounts and you can see why, even with low response rates (1/2%-1%), mail is still widely used.

Remember, everyone has a mailbox...and they look in it every day. And it's kind of funny, but they're a little disappointed if it's empty.

Also, keep in mind that the better and more desirable your offer, the greater the response.

Good luck,

Steve Patrick