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1063, RE: do you think mailing services works??
Posted by Pepperfire, Thu Jun-05-08 04:19 AM
I recommend that you make a visit to your local University second-hand book store and pick up a syllabus on advertising. These text books will explain to you the best way to put ad campaigns together and why. That way you'll be able to track your campaigns' effectiveness.

Ad mailing works, but only if you have a powerful call to action on the ad.

Ad mailing works, if you follow up with the people you've mailed by calling or visiting in person.

Ad mailing works under many different circumstances, and sometimes it works just because it's an idea whose time has come.

I decided a long time ago, that if there is no way to follow up on whether or not my ad campaigns work, then, I'm rather foolish putting my limited marketing dollars into said campaign.

They say that for print advertising to be effective, you need to have the ad run consecutively, in the same position in the periodical, for at least 6 issues. One ad simply isn't going to cut it.

You're better off doing what you can as inexpensively as possible, I think, to get people out there knowing what you do.

I don't remember what it is you do, so it's difficult to suggest any specific marketing/advertising ideas for you.

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